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On Saturday He told me just what to say

The American Association of University Professors investigates conditions in academic institutions, under the criteria of academic freedom as established in the 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure. The AAUP investigated North Greenville University in 1993 and censured the institution as a result.

Recent correspondence with the AAUP’s Associate Secretary and Director Greg Scholtz reveals that removing this censure is not President Jimmy Epting’s concern:

The AAUP’s staff communicates regularly with the presidents of institutions on our censure list in the hope of accomplishing removal and has been doing so with President Epting since 1993.  We have never received a response.


So we are not terribly surprised to learn from you that conditions for academic freedom have not improved in the last twenty-one years.

So what? So academic freedom doesn’t exist at NGU? What difference does it make?

This small event with this adjunct is a representative anecdote, however, of the larger problem. The AAUP censure points to that.

Greenville County is the largest metropolitan area in the country with no public college or university. It might have an award-winning revitalized downtown, an impressive economic resilience, and an energetic New South vibe. But if we cannot support public education at the highest levels, then the dark and shaky silence known in our rural hills is not just contained to those forgotten corners. It’s our way of life. It’s Greenville.

2 thoughts on “On Saturday He told me just what to say

  1. WOW!! No public college or uni in greenville county!!!!!! I never even thought about that — what a powerful realization. wow!!!

    Wow –speechless – how did i miss this reality right in front of my eyes all these years. This vacuum has permitted, even nurtured perversion of educational fidelity in the region. wow!

  2. Now I understand the comment made by a speaker at USC-Upstate’s graduation ceremony. He said that USC-Upstate was the only public college in the region. I thought at first it was hyperbole; after all, we have a number of colleges and universities in the area. The idea that all the other schools are private hadn’t occurred to me. It’s past time Greenville got a public college of its own.

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