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Happy Birthday 

Today I am 39. My Dad is still 39. So’s my Mom. I think my brother’s 46 though.

I remember when I realized that my mom wasn’t actually 39 anymore. We were in one of those annoying mall consumer survey things testing out ice cream sandwiches. And the questioner asked my mom her real age (52, I think). I was stunned! How’d that happen!? How’d my mom age 13 years just as we tasted the ice cream sandwiches? Now, I guess I was a pretty dopey twelve-year-old to not wonder why my mother never aged, but I think kids probably do have a pretty idealized view of their mothers, right? Yeah, let’s say that’s it.

So I — the youngest child of Hank and Lorraine, the perpetually-thirty-nine — am now 39. I have 3 college degrees under my belt and am now what I like to call an “independent scholar” (a.k.a. unemployed). I am married to Grant, that gentleman who always adds several months to his age (“I’m 42!” “No, honey, you’re only 41.” “Meh. What’s the difference?” “About 4 months.”). I wait to meet four children in Heaven. I now enjoy two gentleboys, aged 42 months and 12 days and 17 months exactly. I own a Westie, aged 25 months, who likes to save her outside duties for me alone.

I am eating my birthday breakfast of cinnamon toast (made from old hot dog buns) served on our “You are Special Today” plate and coffee in my “Snap Out of It” mug (lovingly purchased by my gentle hubby during a tiff we were having in the mall). My Hubby drinks from our “Support Your Local Rhetorician” mug. Gavin shares his Diego yogurt from his new Ikea frog dish with Sugar (25 months) who leaps in the air like a circus dog for anything that’s not kibble. Isaac consumes “coffee” (aka H2O) in a math mug. We discuss the differences between a DirecTV DVR and Tivo. And Grant calls me to watch MST3K’s “Mr. B’s Movie Shorts” while Gavin begs me to play the concertina to hear Sugar howl.

This year Grant found my first grey hair. We took our kids to Walt Disney World for the first time (a life-long dream since we spent our honeymoon there). I signed a contract to publish my first book. I wore pants to the local mall for the first time. And we have Labor Day off for the first time in 20 years. Inside I still feel like I look like this:


When did I change? I don’t remember it. When did I get less pig-tailed, taller, heavier? When did I stop wearing yarn in my hair and cutting my bangs straight across and curling my hair with pink foam rollers? When did I stop twirling in my mint green prairie dress?

Nonetheless, these dear souls, who have all aged 19 years since this Olan Mills masterpiece, plus all the other dear people who have joined our family since will celebrate this day today at someplace that’s not “Daddytown” (aka Gattitown). To me, we will all still look like this at Olive Garden today. Mom and Dad still look 39 (while they are actually 49 and 54 respectively in this photo), Steve still looks like a fresh-faced BMOC. and I’m still the most thrilled by reading Charlotte’s Web for the umpteenth time and watching Gilligan’s Island all day. Sounds like a perfect day!

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  1. Happy Birthday from a fellow 39er. My older sister wonders how I, her younger sister, has now turned 39 when she is only 39 herself.

    Weren’t those pink foam rollers great? I had curly pony tails (with big yarn)almost every day and if not then two long braids.

    I hope you are having a great time staying home with your boys.
    Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Camille! Just wanted to say hope you have a great day. I enjoy reading your blogs and tell Grant to get a new video up soon! Your babies are soooo cute!!:)

    (Erin’s BFF :)) Maleah (Cozart) Watson

  3. love the side slant of yours in that pic! it looks like in addition to thinking she’s 39, you also think your mom’s hair is bigger than it is.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Camille.

    Tricia and I found your blog after Teri mentioned that Grant had contacted her daughter Heather about potentially becoming an accompianist at some point in the future. It’s certainly been both provocative and interesting reading about the changes in your life and family and the way God has been at work in and through those changes. As I read through your posts about your trials, I couldn’t help but notice the serenity and, for lack of a better word, grace that was seemingly omnipresent. It’s good to know that, despite trials and the passing of the years, the characteristics by which I probably most remember you have only grown more pronounced. God is good.

    Have a blessed day and enjoy the new challenges and opportunities that God has placed in front of you.

    Tim (a one time classmate of yours, sometimes speech teacher, and full-time parent of 3 little blessings)

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