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Inspired by my dear friend and play date, a list of love and hate.


  • Intense HoH competitions.
  • A new HD Tivo.
  • 4 straight hours of sleep, thanks to a kind husband. That alone spoke a thousand I-love-yous.
  • Dreaming about this bracelet while I drift off at 1am.
  • A new display table for my childhood dollhouse.
  • Precious napping Superboy.
  • Playing baseball for the first time.


  • Dick Donato’s insult-slinging.
  • Charter.
  • 5am.
  • Shipping charges.
  • Broken dollhouse roofs.

3 thoughts on “Love/Hate

  1. After being a BB fan for many years, If one of the dinato stupid heads wins, I swear to never watch the show again! (Ok, I lie, but I will be ticked.)

  2. Love
    *When you half wake up and see that you have 2 more hours to sleep before the alarm goes off.

    *When the alarm does go off, it feels like it’s been only 10 minutes.

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