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Families Where Grace is in Place

This junk is out there,” a Lutheran believer concludes about none other than our most-widely-recommended conservative Evangelical parenting gurus. She’s right. I really, really wish she were wrong. And while we have our share of whistle-blowers, they still aren’t enough to shake the monopoly of this bad advice and even worse theology. How can Christ be first in our lives if we unapologetically teach that parents can remove the weight of sin from their children? How can we call ourselves Christians if we think we hold the power to forgive sin? How very neonomian, arrogant, ignorant, and unScriptural!

If Sears or Kimmel or Clarkson or VanVonderen‘s voices were just heard alongside the more typical ones! Perhaps then the more sound theology could win the day, and our children would be safer.

2 thoughts on “Families Where Grace is in Place

  1. Amen!

    And the more I look around me, the more I wish that people would commit to solid Bible study as well, as opposed to just getting everything spoon fed to them. The result is that they grossly mis-quote Scripture because of their utter lack of knowledge and understanding.

  2. Great post on Lutherama… I especially appreciated her articulation of her concerns with this guy: “He is both the best and worst of the bunch. Best, as he actually has a lot of good things to offer; worst, as he takes all that good stuff – which lulls people into an uncritical agreement – and takes a hard left…” Good to know, good to know. Thanks for the post! 🙂

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