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Our Emerald Year


Happily remembering our twenty years together!




3 thoughts on “Our Emerald Year

  1. congrats to you!!

    i love “make me lose control” more than i can possibly say. such an awesome song — takes me back to the “illegal” jamming in the car with my older sisters… 🙂

  2. Just enjoyed these beautiful pictures again. My what ‘a knight in shining armour’ made it past the ‘gates of resistance’ to win a place in your heart. Another happy story of, the ‘right man’ that ‘didn’t get away.’ Mine didn’t get away either. Lucky me. lucky him. Thanks for posting the delightful song and sit come video clip. Isn’t if fun to enjoy life to the fullest, without any ‘kill joys’ looking over our shoulders to make sure we’re ‘not having too much fun!!’

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