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On your mark, get set. . . . CRAFT!

I’m done buying stuff. After some dear friends recommended that I find creative activities to occupy my evenings, I took their advice to heart. And I think I have enough to keep me occupied now.

  • The Dollies’ house is ready for wiring. I have the pencil marks made and the wiring book is read. I just need to get up the courage to do it.
  • I am ready to spider tie-bleach shirts for the boys. They are so into spiders these days with our resident family of Orbs.
  • I found a steal on a free freshwater cultured pearl 18″ necklace from overstock.com. Go check it out. I’m going to cut it up and use it for the rhinestone rondelles I’ve been saving for something special. The colors are the birthstone colors of all my babies!
  • I’m going to give knitting with wire a go. This stuff at Knitting on Impulse has me hooked. I’ve started to pay with crochet thread first. I finished a rose last night. Tonight leaves and daisies. Tomorrow silver-plated and copper wire!
  • I need a Fall purse. But I’ve got two in mind — both felted from this special issue from Interweave. One is that interesting circle purse there on the cover. And the other is that Kokopelli Tote a little further down.
  • And a scarf. There’s always a need for a scarf. I want to do the circle I-cord one from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting Over the Edge┬áin a dark teal. Yummy.

That’s enough for now.

1 thought on “On your mark, get set. . . . CRAFT!

  1. Wow ! This should keep you busy right up until Christmas. Have fun ! Anxious to see the results…

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