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History Nerd

The Newlywedded Lewises, July 6, 1990, Martha-Mary Chapel, Greenfield Village

I’m such a history nerd. I get all giddy inside when I’m at a living history museum. I practically grew up in Williamsburg, was married in Greenfield Village, and spent every weekend in grad school at Connor Prairie. I’m never happier than when I’m reading a history — especially domestic histories. Wars and presidencies and dates are so dull! I want to know what people ate, how they slept, how they washed their clothes, and what they read to their children. I want to smell the past!

Fun in the Model T
The Kaminskis in a Model-T

So . . . I’m going to indulge that around here. I’ve been splurging over at Mona Faye’s Kitchen off and on. I am feeling sentimental, I guess. I just finished My Fundamentalist Education: A Memoir of a Divine Girlhood and felt like I was reading my own memoir it was so . . . vivid. So I thought I’d rehearse some of those memories. Telling the stories we tell at family gatherings. Like a family slide show! Hope you’ll stick around!

Mrs. Biddleton

5 thoughts on “History Nerd

  1. hold the phone. you were married in greenfield village? that’s practically my back yard. very cool.

  2. I love these places, too, when they’re done well. That’s why it’s always disappointing to see yet another aged woman (not that there’s anything wrong with being old, but seniors are way out of proportion at these living history places) without her stays and wearing those giant Foster Grants. Feh. Your wedding pics are beautiful, though, and the Martha Mary Chapel is AWESOME.

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