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Greenville Syndrome in Hindsight


If the 20th-century culture wars were as real as we were taught — and how many times did I leave Whirlybirds convinced that the world would collapse before I woke in the morning? — and if Bob Jones University really is the West Point of Christian Fundamentalism, then I think I finally understand this song. A little.

I was so gung-ho to lay down my whole life for a constructed fight for a pristine good and against a clear evil. . . . we all were. And when you’re fighting — especially when that fight is more about resurrecting a “good war” than anything else — it doesn’t even matter who is wrong and who is right. The fight is everything. That’s how complete the training is.

And we lost in Vietnam too.

3 thoughts on “Greenville Syndrome in Hindsight

  1. We even had our own domino theory. You couldn’t give an inch in any area, or it cause you to slide down that slippery slope.

    Listening to the song, I got an interesting image in my head of a bunch of fundies passing around a hash pipe. 🙂

  2. “it doesn’t even matter who is wrong and who is right. The fight is everything.” So very true. It seems that today the fight is more important than what is right. Take the whole drinking scandal at BJU…forget which teacher wrote the book and simply refused to say the Bible outright condemns drinking. For that all hell breaks loose within fundamentalism.

  3. Thank God Someone Greater than the false message believed to be truth when it was not, has rescued us from our past ‘syndromes’ of blindness and ignorance. God truly is the Lord of the Breakthrough. We have been empowered by God’s Grace to receive our breakthrough.

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