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Q1: Who made you? God.

I’ve seen puzzle books for catechism, little comic books, flashcards, workbooks. But I haven’t seen what I’m wanting. I want a set of ideas to feel the questions.

Q2: What else did God make?

God made all things.

Q3: Why did God make you and all things?

For His own glory.

I’ve been blogging in various places for 10 years now. And I’ve decided to go back to my original blogging voice: my mommy voice. At least for a little while. As an homage. And as a reminder to people who think I’m not a human being anymore. 😉

We’re learning the catechism. My oldest already knew the first three questions, and my youngest had picked them up as well. But in this stint, for every question they learn, they get a nickle. And after all 71 questions of the first book are mastered, our deal is, they can turn in their 142 nickles for . . .

My mom said it should be a Bible. But it’s not. It’s Garmadon’s Dark Fortress.

So that means they get a 10x return on their investment. That either makes us really, really cool catechists. Or ones that are missing the point. I haven’t decided yet.

I’ve seen puzzle books for catechism, little comic books, flashcards, workbooks. But I haven’t seen what I’m wanting. I want a set of ideas to feel the questions. It’s one thing for Seven to memorize these answers. He can read. He can see them. His logic is better.

But Five is still more kinesthetic. He likes pictures and treasure hunts. He likes hand motions and songs. He likes little things he can stash in his pockets. While he has mastered chatter, he hasn’t mastered abstract words. So I want to make this tangible for him.

And I thought others might want to join me. Throw in your own ideas. Tell me what has worked and what hasn’t.

6 thoughts on “Q1: Who made you? God.

  1. Awesome Lego fortress! I’m envious. 🙂

    I didn’t learn a catechism as a child, but my mom taught us kids lots of Bible verses. She used hand motions and exaggerated facial expressions when repeating the verses. I still remember the exact inflections of her voice when I read certain verses. The other thing she did was to write each verse at the bottom of separate sheets of paper, and then we got to draw a picture to go with each verse. That made things tangible and concrete. She also acted out verses and stories with my Barbies and homemade props. I still remember the story of Jael and Sisera very vividly!

  2. I’m suddenly back in prayer group at BJU…we’re memorizing Ephesians 3:14-21, and a few of the girls have decided to make up hand-motions. It was so silly, such a happy memory that’s really kind of torturous in a way now. We shared that bond, but I didn’t trust any of them. I couldn’t.

    Anyway. Sorry about that. I’ve been going down memory lane a lot lately.

    Acting out things with dolls or action figures sounds convincing =) Also maybe making up a song with hand motions or a dance to it? Something kinesthetic.

  3. Love the nickel idea! My 2 yo answers question 3, “For His oooown dwowy!!”. I love teaching kids catechism.

    Have you looked at Susan Hunt’s book, _Big Truths for Little Kids_? It is a simplified catechism, IIRC, so we used a copy of the full catechism along with the book for my oldest.

  4. I think you are really, really cool catechists. 😉

    I learned the catechism as a kid (the full sentences one), but didn’t get rewarded for it. We kids DID get rewarded for reading through the Bible in a year, though, which we did in Family BibleTime every day, so it was easy to achieve. Dad would take us all out for pizza and ice cream every year when we finished reading it through, which was always a treat.

  5. I remember being called up to front of the church at age twelve, to receive a book gift as a reward for good Sunday school attendance and responding in class with good answers I think. I was ‘so timid and shy’ then, that I was practically afraid of my own shadow! But God was watching over his Barbara.I’m dissociative and have big blocks of memory periods memories blocked. So very frustrating! I do remember always being and feeling very happy in church. Our Anglican Cathechism really was excellent grounding for my Church upbringing. I cannot think of one thing about it that did not help me be a ‘good student’ under the tutoring of the ‘school master’ ( see Galatians 3: 23-25 ), the law, which prepared me to look for, seek, and find, the one who fulfilled the Law, Jesus Christ. Actualy HE found me! A really good Cathechism is such a blessing. Discovering a good cathechism as an ex-fundamentalist, must be like breathing a breath of fresh air, and coming out of a dark religious forest, that was all cluttered with the customs of men’s traditions, which so cleverly confuse people ( without their knowing it ) with the fallen wisdom of man, sensuous wisdom, and the wisdom of this world, and even sometime even demonic wisdom,which renders so much of the Word of God, void of its power to bring people the true Grace and real life of God who is the one true, pure Source. Being given a good cathechism after leaving fundamentalism, must be like walking out of a dark forest of religion and bondage, and into a beautiful green meadow filled with all the beautiful and fragrant flowers of the Kingdom of God! Every beautiful flower representing a beautiful attribute of this wondeful God we are so priviledged to love, know, serve and follow. I so rejoice when I hear of the gift of freedom that God’s people have entered into, because people took the risk, trusted God, and let go of what didn’t work,all that baggage of legalistic religion and religious performance to please man, and let God empower them to believe in what HE says about truth, HE who IS this wonderful PERSON, JESUS.

    I just read a most wonderful story of a former BJU student’s experience of seeking freedom and Grace while a student ‘IN the BJU gulag!’ Google “I Went To Bob Jones University / Strong Odors”, and read the main page article. It’s really wonderful how this student was protected and guided by the Lord while a student there. It’s one of the best articles I have ever read on the subject. Hope nobody minds my mentioning another blog. It was too good to ‘not’ tell people about it.

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