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Q. 15. Who Wrote The Bible?

Q. 9. What is God?
A. God is a Spirit, and has not a body like men.

Q. 15. Who wrote the Bible?
A. Holy men who were taught by the Holy Spirit.

Catechisms aren’t perfect, of course. They are tools. And just like a hammer can’t be a mallet (and wouldn’t want to be), so sometimes the catechisms are more timely than timeless, more tied to their author than the God the author wants to point towards. Meh. It’s life.

We Lewises have changed the answers to Q9 and Q15. It’s not just the “men as humanity” nomenclature, although that’s part of it. “Has not a body like men” is awkward for wee ones. So we changed it to “God is a Spirit and doesn’t have a body like people.” Gavin sometimes just says “And doesn’t have a body like me.” That works too.

Our Q15 answer has morphed into “holy people who were taught by the Holy Spirit” because this catechizer can’t forget the possibility of Priscilla. I know that the CBMW will probably write a quantitative and qualitative analysis of my changes. ::yawn::

Still with this question, the first quindecalogue is done, and Gavin has started sound like Barney Fife remembering the Preamble.


8 thoughts on “Q. 15. Who Wrote The Bible?

  1. Q. 15. Who wrote the Bible?
    A. Holy men who were taught by the Holy Spirit.

    Interesting word choice – “taught” – do you believe the Bible is inspired? If you do, to what level of inspiration?

    I am not challenging your beliefs – just not clear about what you are saying.

    1. Well, I defer to the Westminster divines on that one. I didn’t choose that word, and I think it’s a pretty good one for a child to understand.

      So yeah, of course, I believe that Bible is inspired. . . .

    2. I’m not a member of a group that follows a strict catechism (though often I think that’s something missing), but I would interpret “taught” here as the same essence we give to the disciples of Christ – they were ordinary men who had a special, direct, intensely personal connection to Christ. I’m thinking that’s the same type of thing in this instance.

      I also believe that the Bible, in it’s original form, was directly inspired by God through the Holy Spirit using people who were in the right place and frame of mind to convey what God wanted recorded for us. In that way, the very core essence of inspiration carries through today and we have the benefit of centuries of scholarly work that has given us God’s Word in multiple, very readable forms.

      For me, the inspiration comes when I read it, study it, and allow God to connect with me on a personal, heart level.

      Just my thoughts – I’m certainly no scholar. I’m just a follower.

  2. I like the words “inspired” and “without error”, meaning, that God, who is a Spirit,”God Breathed” the words which men wrote down. Inspired men He trusted, who were “holy” ( set apart ) but not perfect, ( only God is perfect ) to write down ‘the words which became’ this wonderful book we call, the Bible. Many different personalities, as well as different periods of man’s history, cultures and societies, “plus” the particular language and forms of expression, these different human authors used, to write down the words which became the books which became The Bible. Although I was taught by my Catechism to respect the Bible as a Holy Book, God did not open my spiritual heart and my spiritual eyes to its wonderful words to me, until after I was truly Born Again, or spiritually awakened by Genuine Conversion. Something that I have come to believe and understand, that, to have been real, that we ‘change’ and that God uses this change and our inner obedience to Him, to begin producing “good fruit in our obedient lives.” Then after that important second Christian experience, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, ( if the early christians needed this, we need this too! God doesn’t change!)the words began to practically jump off the pages, as my spiritual heart and spiritual eyes, were more deeply opened to God speaking to me Heart to heart and Spirit to spirit, what he wanted to say to me through His Word. Everything changes once our eyes have been opened by the Holy Spirit, who is the ‘Supernatural Author’ of Sacred Scriptures. An apologist wrote in a little booklet, that ‘The Word of the Lord’ or, the Word of God’, does not always mean ‘the Bible’, meaning the ‘book’. What he meant by that is, there are verses in the Bible which say. “The Word of the Lord came to John in the wilderness.” God speaking directly heart to heart and Spirit to spirit, to John! And later, after the ‘words’ had been passed along by Oral or spoken tradition, by trustworthy people ‘telling the true story’, one of the writers of the New Testament wrote them down, as in the first chapters of the Gospel of Luke ch 3. God wasn’t sending ‘flying scrolls’ of the Old Testament to John through the air! And the New Testament wasn’t even written yet, because the Church was not yet born. There are a number of verses in the Bible which say ‘the word of the Lord came to…this person or that person… makes an interesting theme study.

    I thank God for being able to read, enjoy, and be edified by God’s Word. Mark is very blessed in this too. Sometimes believers feel they ‘aren’t’ getting anything out of their Bible reading. I believe God can help them with that, and it’s in the ‘asking’ where I believe we acknowledge our need,come to God with humility, make ourselves open and teachable,and avoid reading the Bible as ‘a religious text book’, desiring instead to read the Bible as a Book of life, and a Book of Love, written by an awesome God who is aways calling us into relationship with Him, and into a deeper one. Thank God for his Word. His word is EVERYTHING to me. “Thou hast exalted Thy Word above thy Name.”

    When we read God’s word in an authentic love relationship with Him, the reading becomes a living experience. I like what Mark says, how the inspiration comes when he reads it. Mark is open to the supernatural author of the Bible, the Holy Spirit, when he approached the bible reading as someone who really is open to this wonderful book. I like to call it, “A Book of Life.” A minister, whose para-Church ministry I highly esteem, likes to call this wondeful book, “A Book of Love.” Although we do need rules, and to respect their proper place and use, we need to place something else as even more important than rules, and I believe that is RELATIONSHIPS. Rules should never be more important than people! The balance between the two is perhaps found in learning how to live in true Grace. Something that we need to do,in order to be empowered by God’s love, to take care of our relationships with other people. Respect the rules, and honor the relationships.

    I think when we truly respect God , we also truly respect his Word. We refrain from ‘using it’ to hurt people, or justify questionable behaviour that Jesus would never condone. If more believers would take God’s Word seriously, in a right spirit, with true righteousness, entire communities could change for the better. I wonder what the difference is, between the meaning of the words, being ‘taught’ and being “inspired” as ‘under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit’? Interesting question!

  3. My spontaneous response to “Who wrote the Bible”: THANK GOD THE FUNDAMEN The Bibe is the most wonderful book ever written. remember our Sunday School class days when we were little? When we were taught tht the Bible was a very, very special holy book? We’ve changed by getting a little older and hopelfully a lot wiser. bu the Bible has never changed. It’s still a wonderful Holy book. I love God’s Word. “Thy Word is a lamp unto my life and a light unto my path.”

  4. My apologies for the posting. My computer acted up when I sent it part of it erased the ‘fundy’ part.”Who Wrote the Bible?” Thank God the fundamentalists ‘didn’t’! I wached BGEA’s approved documetary of Billy Graham’s life and ministry with my husband. It was awesome. It was quite long, so we spread the watching of it over three evenings. Billy Graham was graced by God with such wisdom, to learn that he needed to approach the Bible with ‘a humbled and surrendered intellect,’ and by faith. And he used the word ‘surrender’ in an intelligent way. No mindless non thinking in that one. I believe man gets into serious trouble when he approaches the Bible with an arrogant haughty spirit and a hardened heart! And when christian men do that, are they really ‘any’ different than unbelievers who would do the very same thing? When fundamentalists take an “I own the Bible therefore I can do whatever I want with it” attitude and approach, ‘look’ where that has taken them? Right down the thorny garden path of ‘works of the flesh’, ‘broken lives’,’damaged relationships’, ‘devastated believers’,and ‘divided churches’! Where is that in the Bible, that God ‘ever’ gave people a right to ‘do whatever they wanted with the Bible?’ Show me the verse. But you won’t find it. Because it’s not in there. God never gives license out as a gift of grace. Man ‘assumes’ the false right, ‘assumes’ God gave this to him, and goes merrily down his own predetermined, self-willed path of Bible manipulation! Scripture quarrying. Finding texts he can use to justify his already made up mind and outrageous practices. I’m glad God wrote the Bible with holy men inspired by Him. if man alone had written it, it wouldn’t be the greatest book ever written. But God ‘did’ write it. And it ‘is’ the greatest book ever written. Allelujiah!

  5. I never responded to the “God is a what” It’s interesting to observe and think about, how people don’t always take the time to ‘think about the difference’, between, ‘who’ and ‘what’ when it comes to people and to God. I remember a funny experience the late David Niven wrote in his first delightful auto-biography, “The Moon Is A Balloon”. After his retirement from making films, when he was considerably older, a man saw him in an elevator, and remarked, “Oh, you used to be David Niven!” So the man only remembered David, as a fixture on celluloid. AN IT! I so enjoy watching movies, and it is one of my favorite passtimes. The problem with the ‘what’ re God, is that so many good church going people, be they renewed, or not yet renewed, is that they have grown up to think a certain way about the Holy Spirit. That HE is an IT. So the problem with that is, an IT and a PERSON cannot really be the same! Perhaps ‘that’ may be behind, why far too many christians become obsessed with ‘power’, having little or no interest in ‘good fruit’. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit as written about in GALATIONS! One Bible expert GURU, believes that the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, is “positive emotions”! So works of the flesh can be ‘positive’ Oy veh! God cannot be a thing and a person at the same time. Also God does not have an identity crisis. But many of us do from time to time. We just don’t like to admit it. It was’nt the BIG IT that came down to Earth, and “ITTED” holy men of God the BIG IT, to write down what we now know to be The Holy Bible, or Sacred Scriptures. Treating the Holy Spirit ‘like an it’ does lead to some difficulties. How does one have a relationship with an IT? And if God the Father is a REAL PERSON, GOD the SON is a REAL PERSON, then must not God The HOLY SPIRIT, ALSO BE a REAL PERSON? Man being a ‘natural’ human being, created by God, with a human spirit, a human soul, and a physical body. God being A SUPERNATURAL GOD, A SUPERNATURAL PERSON, INCLUDING, the third person of the BlESSED TRINITY. So if the Holy Spirit inspired the Bible to be written down, then that inspiration came from a SUPERNATURAL BEING, God the Father, THROUGH the SON, BY The Holy Spirit. God the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Revelation, who reveals wonderful insights from the Word of God, to the mind,heart and spirit, of those who approach the Bible with a humble, hungry, honest and pure heart.”The pure in heart shall see God.” I agree with the wisdom of helping a small child come to ‘a child like concept’, that “God doesn’t have a body like me!” Reminds me of the simple helpful answer a mother gives to her small child’s question,”Mommy, why does it rain?” And the mother answers, ” To give the thirsty grass, flowers and trees, a nice drink of water.” A small child isn’t looking for a scientific answer. But a practical one. Zecharaia 10:1 comes to mind. “Ask rain from the Lord in the season of the spring rain, from the Lord who makes the storm clouds, who gives showers of rain to you, the vegetation in the field to everyone.” NRSV. I like the KJV version better, but my KJV’s are in my basement prayer room, and on the second floor. I’m recovering from housework, in the Living Room. And you should see the main floor broom closet contents, in the main floor hall. and I ‘didn’t’ find a new filter bag for the vacuum clener after tearing the closet apart. I think I hate cupboards! writing this post was lots of fun. I hope this post doesn’t get on anybody’s nerves. I just felt ‘inspired’ to write this. And ‘no’ they are not words from God, but words from ‘little ole me’ who’s so happy to be free. God’s words are far more important than any of my opinions. And I ‘do’ respect the freedom of the others who express their own opinions. Those of us who have been so badly misunderstood, and invalidated in the past, can fully appreciate why this freedom to both ‘have and express our opinions’, without fear of being attacked, mocked, ridiculed, or made fun of, is such an important aspect of our personal growth and healing, through honest, open, reasonable expression, and the pleasure of listening to and responding to others who have the same freedom to express their opinions as well. I love this blog!

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