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Saved by the Flood


In the Cohen brothers’ version of Homer’s Odyssey set in the depression-era Deep South, the protagonist steals, croons, and sweet-talks his way back to his lover’s arms. Only to get caught by the law and to stand face-to-face with the noose. He repents, confesses his crimes, and begs God for mercy for his compadres and himself. Right then, the local dam breaks and floods the valley leaving Everett & Company free and clear. They are saved by the flood. Baptized. Washed.

The waters come. The tears flow. They wash away nooses and accursers. And the regrets, the toxic habits, and the guilt.


I have been searching for something taken out of my soul. Something I’d never lose. Something somebody stole.

And now I’m ready. It’s time.

5 thoughts on “Saved by the Flood

  1. Certainly one of the finest movies of all time . . . and certainly one that has extreme meaning for those of us who have lived through the control of a nameless school in the south.
    It is time. let the floods come and wash away that noose, fill in that grave (even though the singing is priceless in that scene!) and take you on to where you see nothing but the bright angel band bearing you away to ‘the One who bled and died for me . . . who gives me VICTORY!’
    It’s a long and painful process sometimes to find out just how worthy–and how ONLY worthy–He is in every situation.
    Let it rain. Let it pour. Let it wash and baptize and empower you for a wonderful new chapter. Loving you from afar!

    1. Amen to that! Be assured, that the water of life, the water of the new life of freedom, is ‘sweet’. And He gives us ‘the sweetness of life” as He empowers us to connect with that which was ‘hidden’ from us before, because of many false burdens put on us, by those, who would not validate us worthy of His Grace and mercy. We have been awakened from our previous sleep by our prince charming, the Prince of Peace, our Bridegroom, and now we can live in freedom. And tell others that they can be free too. Our Bridegroom, the lord of the breakthrough, the lord of true freedom, has released the waters of life and freedom, like a flood! Let the rivers flow!

  2. I love this. Especially since he ridiculed the baptism earlier in the movie. That man was redeemed whether he liked it or not.

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