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Jedi Kittens v. Hamsters

My money’s on the kittens.


3 thoughts on “Jedi Kittens v. Hamsters

  1. This is so funny! Remember when we used to run the religious treadmill, trying to please the ‘firm’? Hamsters vs kittens? Kittens are more civilized. They don’t eat their babies when stressed! I like kittens best. The pope the Anti-Christ? How many ‘Anti-Christs’ can there ‘be’? If they’re ‘Protestant’ Anti-Christs, someone always seems to ‘bump them off’, or they’re simply dying off from old age. Didn’t one of the ‘Bourgeuos’ popes get assassinated? I guess that must have meant, that ‘that’ wasn’t the predicted time of the end yet either? One wierd Seventh-Day-Adventist doctrine, is, that during the imaginary Great Tribulation, Catholics will be going around beheading Seventh-Day-Adventists! Wierd eh! Also a sad reminder of the enemy’s effectiveness of using paranoia, and irrational fear, to make Adventists afraid of their Catholic neighbours. Rather a paranoid doctrine. I think looking at the Council of Trent documents, well preserved in historical writings,and easily accessible on line, would pretty well demolish the false belief that Catholicism is basically the same as Adventism in legalism. Adventists’ biggest problematic embarassment, IS ELLEN WHITE. They can’t get rid of her. She hangs around like an embarassing spectre haunting the Adventists, with all her wierd books and strange prophesies! Her visions were ‘so dark’, that just trying to read about them, on line, is opppressive. I have to turn the site off, it’s so much spiritual garbage. It’s so dark, and negative and oppressive. There are many good, devout Christians in Adventism. Important to remember that. Also will we be judged by our doctrine or by our deeds? something to think about. Those in Adventism who hunger for true Grace and freedom, usually pay a pretty high price for seeking it, and usually ‘find it’ at great cost to themselves. Ostracization, loss of friends, and getting kicked out or driven out. Sound familiar to BJU / IFB ism? This guy is really good, and funny. He really knows his Scripture. He sure gives a person a lot to think about. If he’s lutheran, then he’s probably the positive product of having been raised on the small Catechism. Apparently it’s much nicer than the longer one. Also he’s living in an age when Lutherans are’nt trying to kill off Catholics and visa versa. I think Lutherans have more serious things to worry about. Like protecting what’s left of their reputation. Even the EVANGELICAL Lutherans are going down the garden path re same sex relationship and minister blessing. Once they open that door, it’s pretty impossible to close it. We all need revival. My money’s on the kittens too!

      1. I forgot to comment on that one. Meow meow eating. Kittens sure love their food! Dogs seem to ‘rolf’ food down so quickly, that they take little time to taste it! Our return day from Ottawa trip, three nice PC men, for provincial election promo, ( progressive conservative party ) came to our door. Charlie the cat took a liking to them, and started following them down the street. So paul and I think our Charlie is a PC! That really made our day! Pretty amazing how our Adventist neighburs are taught that Saturday attendance ‘maks them’ righteous? Wonders never cease. What will people think of next. I’m happy enough knowing that I’ can’t do anything at all to make little ole me righteous! It’s all up to Him and He gives me righteousness as a pure gift of His wonderful Grace. Isn’t that the best thing abut Grace? It’s all a gift! YES! “It’s 8:05 in the morning. Do you knwo where your tabby is?”

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