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Hold On

I love this song. I listened to it nearly non-stop in grad school. Still love it. I’m from Detroit, remember!

[audio:|titles=Hold On by Ann Nesby]

3 thoughts on “Hold On

  1. Hi Camille. How did you evade the ‘beat’ police so you could enjoy this song? Was grad school more ‘freedom friendly? This song has a really great beat. Haven’t been to Detroit since Fall 95. Sang in the Benny Hinn Crusade choir then with a friend. Such a wonderful experience. Love the song. Will listen to it some more. Didn’t know you wee from detroit. I’m from Center Island. If you look uo toronto Islands, toronto, Ontario, on the internet, you can see what it looks like. Still get homesick for my island. Such wonderful memories. Thank you Jesus.

      1. Glad you visited Toronto a few times. We’re kind of proud of our city. Although some of us prefer to live in the suburbs, or country side. Always an ‘islander’ at heart. We island kids used to call city folk, ‘city-slickers’, we were all so proud and happy of where we lived. And of course those of us kids who lived on Center,or Wards, Algonquin, or Hanlans Point, ‘their’ part was always the best part of the island to be living on.

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