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A Bob-bob-bobbin Along

Someday. Someday I’ll pick this back up and figure it out.

Mind you — that’s not my work. But that’s what I WISH my work could look like.

I saw my first bobbin lace demonstration at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI when I was 10. I was enraptured. Look at it — wouldn’t you have been? This gnarled old lady was effortlessly making something out of nothing. The closest we mere mortals come to ex nihilo.

It’s really just tiny, elaborate macrame. I made the pillor myself. I used clothes pins for the bobbins. And I just did a dozen bobbins. But my tension was all off.

I am going to do it. Someday. Yes, I will. Mark my words. I may have to do it in Heaven though.