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I’m doing better at finishing the projects than I am at photographing them. If you think you might be on my Christmas gift list, then stop reading. Or if you want to put in a request, read on! 

I have a nice set of knitted confections, and I memorized the look of the plastic food at Target today so that I can imitate it. I’ve got to try to do a DQ cone! I finished a felted purse, but it needs a button, I think. I knitted the necklace and bracelet and a random leaf out of copper wire. Grant just laughs at the leaf. There’s got to be something I can do with that.

I want to:

  • finish the scarf I just started.
  • knit more food.
  • knit another bag.
  • bead a few bookmarks.
  • knit some more wire jewelry. Might start crocheting.
  • do this. And I think I can with stuff from here.
  • a couple key chains.
  • finish the Dollies‘ electricity.

And then my dear friend Mollie introduced me to this. Ah . . . . I want to do this too!