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Oh me, Oh Maya!

Another old friend is back in my life. Good ol’ Maya. I have a real love-hate relationship with her. I love the fact that she varies the workout, that she asks me how I’m doing every morning, that she slips in yoga without me noticing, and that I feel noticeably stronger pretty quick. I hate that she gets a dig in every so often if I don’t show up (“I was sick, you tyrant!”), that she looks perfect, and that she won’t let me in to certain venues yet. Grrrrr. I started a whole new profile because if I used the old one, there’d be no end to her comments. “Where have you been?” I talk back to her just like I do to the car’s GPS system.

The last time I exercised with Maya, Gavin was just a twinkle. We didn’t have Little Miss Terrierist. This morning was much more lively. Isaac rolling on the exercise ball, Gavin stepping with the weights, and Sugar tugging on my shoelaces. Who needs a workout, right?