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My Man, That’s Who!

Grant 1971

What kind of man, when asked what he wants for his birthday, requests a low-keyed day at home playing with silly boys and a yarpy dog while his wife makes his favorite meal: Chicken Booyah, PB&J (Peter Pan and grape jelly only, please), and A&W Root Beer followed by chocolate chip cookies, milk, and maybe some peppermint ice cream?

  • An ISTJ/INTJ who likes familiar things.

  • A good boy who was raised well with good, Missouri cooking.

  • A overwhelmingly content man.

  • My man. All mine.

Happy Birthday, Honey. Is it any wonder why I think you’re wonderful? Thank you for making me the happiest woman in the world!

4 thoughts on “My Man, That’s Who!

  1. Awww… you’re sweet. Thank you for making my low-key birthday exactly what I wanted it to be.

    PS. I’m so happy that for my 5-year-old photoshoot I had the forethought to wear clothes and grow hair that would coordinate so nicely with your blogtheme. 😉

  2. You know, Bruce, now that I think about it. . . . I think I remember you saying that when we were undergrads in choir! tee-hee. . . . life’s funny.

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