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For the Narrow

[audio:|titles=Narrow Little Road]

2 thoughts on “For the Narrow

  1. Thanks for posting this picture and song. They both really spoke to my life. A challenging week, and wonderful day of renewal yesterday with many wonderful people, new hope for tomorrow’s challenges, and the knowledge of support from that Higher Power, our God, who is a real person,to comfort the wounded sheep in our flock. The fog picture reminds me of Center Island,across Toronto Bay, Ontario, this beautiful child’s paradise where I grew up. As little children, foggy days were always stay inside days, times when we felt the fog day blues because we wanted to be outside in the fresh air and sun shine and play. Now as an adult, such a picture reminds me of challenging things on the journey, that our Lord never finds to difficult for Him, and who always promises that the sun will come out again eventually. The narrow road bridge in the fog is so evocative of feelings and emotions from memories of times when we didn’t know or feel we would ‘make it’. Make it through the fog days of our grief and sorrow and devastations of what the circumstances threw at us from people we thought were our’friends’ and ‘colleagues’. But of course, He was with us, He still is, and we ‘did’ make it through. Peace, Barbara.

  2. Ah, great song! Our former music minister (now in Arkansas) taught us this wonderful hymn as part of our Communion service.

    Hearing this, I see Darrell in my mind, hands upraised, dropping his guitar (knowing that I would keep the accompaniment on the piano if he was too overcome with joy and emotion to keep playing) and weeping for joy over extravagant Grace.

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