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Ask, Seek, Knock.

[audio:|titles=03 – Ask, Seek, Knock]

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  1. I love the primary colors in the theme picture. I also love the freedom of libraries that it reminds me of. Remember primary grades desk work, with connect the dots and color the letters? Look at how intelligent we have all become since we colored those letters and connected those dots! I loved my school days! Imagine, the freedom of going to our public libraries, to peruse books full of interesting information, good stories,or to just read the daily papers that we don’t want to pay for! Libraries are one of my favorite places.

  2. I could not find any ‘proper’ heading, under which to write this! But I had to tell someone, besides the ministry to which I sent a detailed praise report this morning. Something incredible happened to me last weekend, Friday and Saturday. On way out door to my car to leave for a simply wonderful Grace filled event, my silly remark which I could now only describe as, a humanly ridiculous, double minded, and half hearted ingnorant mixture of unbelief and human stupidity, I said to my husband, “if I don’t like it, I’ll ‘leave’. I was uncomfortable about possibly running into some difficult people in a conference like setting, who would bother me.I was about to experience the exact opposite of my reservations plus an incredible life changing healing of my spiritual life. A wonderful two day event of five glorious services, with a ministry I have partnered with for thirty years was about to begin within an hour. I had a short 15 minute drive to get to it. I saw a car plate there from North Carolina, so you can see how far christians will travel to such a wonderful ministry! After Friday’s first afternoon session, I went to McDonalds for a quiet dinner, to just sit, let the beginning of the ministry event ‘sink in and enjoy my hamburger, with barbecue sauce! A middle Eastern man entered the restaurant, spoke to no one, ordered no food, walked over to where I was sitting, and minding my own business, and just stood there, a little over to my left, facing in my direction,only three feet from me, while holding onto a rolled up Toronto Sun newspaper. He stood there quietly, as if looking ‘for’ someone, looking ‘out’ for someone, or watching and guarding, looking past me through the window, to the outside of the building, as if he was checking up on something. He seemed to be there for a reason but I did not know for what. I was feeling a ittle shy at the time, eating alone, and did not really feel like being chatty. I could feel him looking at me, did not know why, felt peaceful, had no fear, actually felt very happy on the inside. I really wanted to believe God was going to use this ministry event to restore lost dreams, a lost vision ,of God using me, that He wanted to give me a spiritual breakthrough in my life.I knew I needed God to give me a fresh start because I had been feeling rather ‘stuck’ for some time. I was not in any rebellion, I was just stuck. And I was getting DESPERATE!!!!!! My faith level, the God kind of faith, not feelings or emotions, really did nee a supernatural injection from the Holy Spirit. I really needed to be empowered by God to be refired for His service. But, like a dummy, my flesh was looking forward to when the event meetings would be over so I could get back home! I did not want to miss God’s Grace, to miss my breakthrough. So I had to resist my own stupidity. To avoid seeming unfriendly, I made eye contact with him, and it was then that he asked me,”How are you?” and I said “fine,” with a faint smile. He had kind eyes, a kind countenance, and a faint smile in his eyes. I gave him a faint smile too. Then he turned around, and quietly walked out of the restaurant. As I watched him leave, I almost felt just a little sad that I had not chatted with him, perhaps witnessed to the man.I was reluctant to witness to a man who might be Muslim as Muslim men can listen better to a christian man witnessing to them , than to a christian woman, although I would not use that to ever limit God. I really did not think any more, about this man , or why we was there, or who he was, until later, during the Friday evening praise part of the service. We were asked to open our Bibles to Psalm 8, and I read along quielty as the Praise leader, the ministry president’s right hand man, read the psalm out loud. When we came to verse 8, where it spoke about ANGELS, and another word in a following verese which says VISITATION!that’s when God began to reveal to my heart and spirit, that, that was no ordinary man, who had ‘come to my dinner time’ in the restauant! If I had ever needed an injection of more faith from God,God sure used this revelation from Him, to give this to me. When God opened my spiritual eyes to what God had just done for me, sending me someone from Heaven, to guard me, to protect my, to encourage me thatgod would not allow, ‘nothing and no one’ to hinder, interfere with, or stop, what God was going to do in my life over this two day event, my faith level, my expectancy rose up in my heart, I was filled with such joy, and I was in such awe of how wonderful God was. I felt so special, so chosen, so set apart for Him. And this was ‘only’ the beginning of the second service! Wow! The closing service Saturday evening was the spiritual icing on the cake for me. God gave me the grace to receive my breakthough as I put my life in his hands, and entered into His presence. I breathed in, I drank in His presence, as years of discouragement , disappointment failures seemed to just evaporate. He had spoken to me that weekend, that, “he was going to make up for all the things that had gone wrong.” The ministry leader had spoken a similar word, that, “God is going to heal all our failures.” I came home Saturday evening a changed person. I have never felt like this before, not in thirty one years! And what God did for me, has nothing to do with emotionalism,subjectivism, the emptiness of fleshly impulses , or religious hype. This had nothing to do with happy clappy christianity that many of us have become so tired of, because we have been longing for something from God that is real, that lasts, that doesn’t vanish like the sun when it goes behind the clouds,that people don’t turn on and off like a tap, according to their moods, something real, with the substance of his love grace and presence, that can make a difference in our lives, in how we live, in what we do, in how we relate to others. Something real and tangible that can make our lives a ‘living’ witness, and release us from all the legalism, religion and wrong control that so binds us up in bondage, and opposes and resists the wonderful New Life that He has called us into. What God did in my life came from God.It didn’t come from man, from religion, from the world, or from anyone’s organized program. It was not the religious work of a man. It was the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. This is only the second day after the breakthough! Am I ever looking forward to the future, to the wonderful tomorrows, that God is going to be so real to me in. And the joy that I have in my life right now is a deeper joy and a deeper peace than I have ever experienced before. “I have never felt like this before. I’ve just walked through an open door. And standing there in all his glorious light, is the One who for me, has won the fight!” “Stand fast, for the battle is not your’s but the lord’s! Barbara

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